General designation for Agents of other Weird Stuff Organizations when working with B-13. They could be Mi-13 (British), The 13th Crescent, or like organizations.

Known Agencies

  • Abteilung U "U" Department: A branch of the German Bundesministerium des Innern or BMI the German Department of the Interior. They are known by B-13 and they know of B-13. Abteilung U is known for a heavily rationalist viewpoint through a Lutheran filter. They are uneasy with anything supernatural and treat it with distrust. Things of alien origin get a better hearing.
  • Chota Ahusa (Special Police) Egyptian agency. It is noted that the Sinai bowl location of The Coran/Menhabaall fight and the origin of the Healing Wave is under investigation and control of this agency. The current head of the agency is Mohammad Ahasin, who is also a prominent Muftī. As far as B-13 is aware Mohammad Ahasin has retained his post through the reorganization of the Egyptian government.
  • Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice -- United Arabia This group is historical, destroyed in the female coup. What measures Queen Fatima will take is not known. Outreach is suggested.
  • Département des choses inexistant -- France. No longer exists.
  • The Knights of Eyrie -- Eyrian Empire They serve the function of dealing with extraordinary threats, in the shapes Greyhawke makes them. They answer only to the Emperor.
  • Mi-13 -- AKA Torchwood. Great Britain. Maintains a cozy relationship with Bureau 13. They are not as concerned with "rights".
  • Monogoto-shō wa katara remasen -- Ministry of Things not Spoken About. The Japanese agency. Publicly known as Futon hinshitsu-shō, or the Ministry for Futon Quality. Seriously, they really do inspect futons.
  • Mossad -- Israeli spies, secret police, and dirty deeds squad. Brutally effective and extremely closed mouthed. They know nothing, and neither do you.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Drawer 13 -- Doing the same task as Bureau 13 in that understated Canadian way. They are more spit and polish and official than B-13 used to be. Marked by a expert typing badge on the standard RCMP uniform.  Drawer-13 Agents are mounties who have encountered the supernatural, and are expert typers. Non RCMP people are recruited as contractors or special assistants to active duty officers. There is a relationship, it has been strained at times.
  • Sotto Ministero del Mistero -- Under Ministry of Mystery. An under ministry of the Ministero della Difesa, the Italian Ministry of Defense.