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Static on the radio. Bubba tapped the tuning button again. Finally the station came through. "This is your Midnight Rambler. Something is staking the dark alleys of Vista City. Two men skeletonized and a skinhead found plum mad screaming about worms. Keep you heat close to hand the weirdness is on the streets...again. To set the mood here is "Call of Cluthlu" by Metalica.

Bubba swore under his breath. Man if the I-5 didn't go though that town he would never get near it again. The weird center of the universe or all the residents were jack-shit crazy. Maybe both. The double cone of Mt Shasta loomed through the dark of the night as he steered the big rig down the interstate towards Oregon.

Jimmy Mark AKA the Midnight Rambler tapped the table in front of him as the song played. He sorted though the various callers with his producer in the dim light of the studio. They weeded out the clearly attention seeking and crazy. They had their first caller of the night by the time the last cord sounded. "Your Midnight Rambler here with a lady with a tale to tell. I have Suzy James on the phone, what can you tell me Suzy?"

Captain McKenzie; VCPD snapped the radio off. People like the Rambler did not help things out, except when they did. The recent events had the SIS up to their ears in hot water. All they had were bodies and a lack of clues. Feelers were out among the irregulars that often helped the SIS, but as of yet nothing they could work on, and a killer on the streets they didn't know how to stop....

This is Vista City, the weirdest town west of the Rockies. Set in Northern California on a nexus of ley lines, this spot more than any other in the north west is the center of all that is Strange.

This is the Vista City Bureau 13 game. A closed play by post.

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