Location: Central Arizona
Active Team Members: 6 The Superstitions have restructured having having lost three members. Two were killed in the recent event.

  • Team Leader: Lynn Parker -- Combat driver and gun bunny, Current head of the team.
  • William Nightwatcher -- Apache Shaman Wise old Indian template.
  • Lilly Moroson -- Esper: Twitchy waif of a woman. Sees things.
  • Bob Foster -- Lawyer, Anthropologist.
  • Bob Makes -- US Marshal, retired. Works as a ranch hand. Looks old as the hills.
  • Eddie Somers -- Former Ranger and MP.

Team Cover: The Lay Z Ranch. They work out of a sheep ranch just outside the Federal land limits. They even have sheep as well as not in the know ranch hands.
Background: This team is here to watch a place. The Superstition Mountains produce much more than the average amount of weird, and the Superstitions are in place to catch it.
     They do not engage in the kind of run and gun that many teams find themselves in, but they could do it. Mostly they catch broken winged birds that fall through the cracks in the universe and rescue the occasional idiot looking for the lost Dutchman mine.

Cy Masterson has wandered away from the Team. One morning he wasn't there. A note stated simply, "Gone fishing -- Cy." His gear, guns, and books were missing as was his truck. A simple investigation found him several weeks later in Alaska. No effort has been made to contact him. He made no effort to change his identity or disguise his tracks. Given the nature of Bureau 13 people this is taken as a retirement.