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San Diego


July 16, 1769


March 27, 1850


Mayor & City Council

ZIP Codes:

92101-92117, 92119-92124, 92126-92140, 92142, 92145, 92147, 92149-92155, 92158-92172, 92174-92177, 92179, 92182, 92184, 92186, 92187, 92190-92199

Area Codes:

619, 858


San Diegan

San Diego named after Saint Didacus (Spanish: Diego de Alcalá), is the second-largest city in California and the ninth largest city in the United States, located along the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of the United States. San Diego has a population of 1,279,329 (July 2008 estimate). This coastal city is also the county seat of San Diego County as well as the economic center of the San Diego–Carlsbad–San Marcos Metropolitan Area considered congruent with the county. According to Forbes the city of San Diego ranks as the fifth wealthiest in the United States. San Diego's biggest industries are manufacturing, the military, and tourism.

San Diego's economy is largely composed of agriculture, biotechnology/biosciences, computer sciences, electronics manufacturing, defense-related manufacturing, financial and business services, ship-repair, ship-construction, software development, telecommunications, wireless research, and tourism. The presence of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with the affiliated UCSD Medical Center promotes research in biotechnology.

Places in San Diego

Arrow Manufacturing Co. -- Plastic injection.  Site owned by Milhouse

Broads 'n Broadsides Tattoo shop -- Helped ID a criminal.

Mellow Cafe -- Family dining.  Meeting place with the Santa Annas.

Milhouse Strip mall One -- Site owned by Milhouse
     Larry's Dive (sub shop) --
     Rudy Travel -- 
     Three Sisters Cakery -- 
     Gloria Florist (FTD) -- 
     Balloon Reality -- 
     Dewy, Ceetum & Houw Attorneys at Law. -- 

Milhouse Strip Mall Two --
     Linda's Bridal Shop --
     Fixed Memory Photographers --
     Digital Dreams, Custom Computers --
     Jitter's Internet Cafe --

Pharaoh's Gold -- A new age shop.  Site owned by Milhouse

Ready Cleaners -- Shirts laundered, One Hour Dry Cleaning.  Site owned by Milhouse

Stone House -- A three story stone mansion located on farmland East of San Diego. The house is built as a fortress. It was the location of the show down between the Daughters of the Apocalypse and The VC-SIS/The Santa Annas.

Persons in San Diego

Mike Owens -- Owner of Broads 'n Broadsides Tattoo shop, whiskey bass and good artist.

Tory Milhouse -- A local land developer all the personality and welcome of a wet sponge. Husband of the main witch in the VC-Mother Eater case. He might have recovered from her spells by now.

The Santa Annas -- Bureau 13 team