A being that comes from outside the recognized limits of the universe. Any being that is non terrestrial, but known to come from "space" is considered an "Alien". Non physical beings are currently classed as outsiders as their origins are not known.

The best known outsiders location is Greyhawke. and the various Outsider Worlds they have reported.

Natives of the Half world are considered outsiders, at least for now.

The ADF are outsiders as the Ane History Scouts come from a parallel universe.

A number of individual outsiders have dropped in on is. The Tanuki rain,Favel, Raphael, and Metas like Molly, and Suzy

Ane Usage

Outsider is a catchall description of anyone living on Ane worlds that is not part of the All. It is not used in a derogatory manner, but means anyone outside the All. Outsiders have full sophant rights on Ane worlds, but may not make law, and can only define how they will live within the two laws. Outsiders at most are a matter of several million throughout the Ane Confederation.

To handle the needs of Outsiders the All has devised a system known as the Glade Outsider Government. It is used in more places than Glade, but that is the name it carries due to being started there.