Dr. Detier Klaus in an attempt to make sense of an unknown book of healing spells performed a mashup of rituals that opened a gate from Greyhawke to Earth. The gate caused a dimensional inversion between him and Diter, a Leoman healer (and the former owner of the book) It also left a lasting portal, abet a very tiny pencil sized portal.

30 days or so into the event and after Diter had presented his furry self at the VCPD Team Alpha attempted to close the gate with a weird contraption that blew up killing both Team Alpha Agents. The result was to break the gate wide open. The higher magic level of Greyhawke came pouring through causing absolute havoc in Vista City. It also caused Sonja Traveler and Panther Walks With Him to be exchanged as well. Dumped on the Vista City side were Leanur one of the women in the Shambella Clan, and Seileen a minor child also of the clan.

The gate resulting took major intervention from Greyhawken Powers to close and to get the trapped persons exchanged.

This event was a major milestone in the Breakout clock.

Mana Storm Phenomena