Christ in the Woods Seminary

Nowhere, Minnesota.  Small highly conservative Christan College.

Cold Creek

Or "The Village" A town near Big Bear used by B-13 to help people vanish. It is not hidden. On the contrary the US highway runs through the middle of town. It is a place where B-13 people that wish to vanish can vanish. It works on the hiding in plain sight principle.

Damian Chemical

Chemical Company in Oak Ridge Tn.
     Mark Gorden -- CEO

High End R&D

A possible Team Alpha front. Nothing has ever been pinned on them, however one of the MIB cars was registered to them. They denied any involvement with the car and had no record of it. Located in Oakland Ca.


Hardware giant in Seattle. Maker of the tri-logic chip and supporting hardware.


The world's leading software maker, not necessarily the best mind you. MessySoft's signature product Winders is the operating system on 90% of the world's computers. Likewise their office software, which runs on Winders better because of hidden API that other software makers cannot get is also the market leader. All this mainly for the fact they cut deals and made illegal agreements to get it that way. And did I mention patent camping, buying out competitors, and "Netscaping"? I thought I had.
     The Bartlet administration Justice Department handed them their heads in an antitrust suit that saw MessySoft broken into three companies. MessySoft Winders, which makes the OS, MessyOffice, which makes other software, and Z-Box, which makes hardware. Their grip on the market has been slipping, but is far from gone.
     Messysoft is behind on code for the tri-logic processors. While the Penguin open source system was right on the money. This is hurting them badly in the server market.

Old Geriatric Buffet

Chain buffet serving so-so food at family friendly prices.  Tortures employees by putting them in a bee suit.  Given example in St. Paul Mn.

Second Chances Inc

The company that inherited the work on Steve's Cybernetics (Along with Cyberdyne) and Dr Valencia Pryor, their chief designer and creator is the one who built Rebecca's right arm. (This is in a display case at the Second Chance offices in Colorado.) This firm was funded by Angelo's Parents.

  • Angelo Mancuso -- Retired B-13 agent and head of security. Dabbles in cold cases.