A scale of Psionic potential used by the Ane. They do not claim to be the developers.

  • 0-10 sub psionic -- mental bricks -- nearly impervious to psionics. Damaged Humans and other races. No known sentient species is normal down here.
  • 11 to 40 is non psionic. -- Typical Humans and other non psionic races. -- Highly resistant to psionics.
  • 41 to 55 is sensitive range -- No real "usable" ability, but can sometimes get things to work. -- Psionic doormats. Crippled Vulcans, half breeds of various Psionic races, some unfortunate races. Some Humans
  • 56 - 70 is low ability -- Usable ability -- decent resistance. Vulcans fall in here as do most psionic Humans.
  • 71 - 85 is moderate ability -- Considerable ability -- resistance equal to non-psionics. Betazoids and so forth.
  • 86-100 is high ability -- Do the really spectacular stuff -- as good or better resistance than bricks. Ane, Melkot, such creatures.

"0" and "100" are the theoretical minimum and maximum that cannot be attained.


The "Kraith" series, created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg before she went pro, were stories, poems, articles and novellas published in several fanzines, including T-Negative and Berengaria. Several writers worked on Kraith including Joyce Yasner, Shirley Maiewski, Sondra Marshak and Joan Winston. I got a hold of these in the form of Kraith Collected in which the stories are presented in the proper chronological order. They were my first real look at Alternate Treks. All of Kraith Collected is now online and readable for free at Kraith Collected Online.

One of the things that comes up is a 0 to 100 psionic ability scale, I don't remember exactly how it functioned in the Kraith setting. However every being had a psi rating from "psi-null" psionic brick to Ghodd-like. I developed this scale from that idea. I use this scale and call it the Kraith Scale because that is where I got the idea from. --Garry Stahl

Oh, a "Kraith" is a ceremonial Vulcan goblet. They are specially manufactured to be used by trained telepaths, and can be exceedingly dangerous in the wrong hands. Vulcans are the unabashed Mary Sues of the Kraith series.