The Vista City Homicide/Violent Crimes Squad is a team of Vista City Police Department (VCPD) Detectives tasked with the investigation of murders and other violent crimes, the apprehension of suspects, the collection of evidence concerning that homicide/violent crime, and supporting the efforts of the Shasta County Prosecutors Office to prosecute crime suspects.

The Homicide/Violent Crimes Squad works closely with the Forensics to conduct rigorously scientific and factual investigations of crimes.


  • Capt. Jesus Jaquelin -- (Homicide, Violent Crime) "Hay-sus, please". He will accept "Jerry" The "Jesus" thing is just too old to be funny anymore. Jesus is a good cop and an good detective. Well educated and sharp eyed. No Sherlock Holmes, but he can hold his own. Regretted losing Tony to Internal Affairs and later the SIS, Tony's eye for the paper trial is unequaled. Yea, the coffee is good too. (Hint of the Know, mostly trusted)
  • Lt. Marty Casim -- (Homicide, Sub department head) Rail skinny and a baseball nut to the point of driving you nuts. He has a sore dog "don't mess with me look" that would make a bull step out of his way. Uses it without mercy.
  • Srg. Bob Farly -- (Homicide) He is overweight and out of shape. Plays bad cop, but is a real softy. Farly is an expert lockpick. (Kind of in the know.)
  • Jose Marel -- (Homicide) Another Cop.
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