The computer is located at the Corp of Discovery Academy on the Moon, formerly in the back rooms and basement of the Mancuso Detective Agency.

Hacker's Heaven is one of the world's most powerful privately owned tri-logic neural net computers. The Artificial Neural Network of currently 1024 tri-logic processors is run on a custom OS rolled from the Penguin kernel. The custom built and defined gigbyte class parallel network is the fastest that can be had. Ed Finch the designer has developed a flexible and scalable hardware solution to constantly adding capacity to a cluster system. He can add, remove or swap computers from the cluster without shutting it down.

Previous to being hired by the CoD Hackers Heaven did off site and less than accountable computer work for the VCPD SIS, and more and more frequently the Warp Drive Project. Ed Finch's home built facial recognition software has proven its value in several cases. With the move to the Moon it is taking on new duties as the main computer on the site. HH and Edmond are working hand in hand.

The personalty of the AI that has developed is called HH and identified as such on the net. HH had hidden its exact location from those trying to find it by working through proxy servers and constantly changing its addresses. Ed felt that this security by obscurity was failing, and after a talk with HH offered its services to the Corp of Discovery and was moved to the Moon. The original 128 processor hardware is still in the Mancuso Agency running a much truncated OS limited to not wake up. It still serves as a search computer remotely directed by Ed Finch.

Ed and HH are backed up by Crystaline, Uhurua Young's Lapilan (Code Puppy), and Therilan. All members of the Growing White Hat Computer Community.