Created By: Garry Stahl
Full name: Eugene Howard Sylow
Birthplace: Red Bluff, California
Birthdate: February 6, 1966
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 183 pounds
Build: Medium slender
Marital status: Married Karen Sylow, a sweet and patient wife.
Description: A perpetual harried windblown look. Decent off the rack suits and an always crooked tasteful tie.
Skin coloring: Slightly faded California tan.
Eyes: blue
Hair: Dark brown with a dash of gray at the temples.
Routine Activities: Pursuing justice, enforcing civil rights, and being other people's paid pit bull.
Skills/Training/Professional Skills: Lawyer of the California Bar
Financial Status: Comfortable, he owns his own condo. He has good credit and a decent income.
Group Affiliations: California Bar Association. ACLU, VCPD SIS, Team Blue, Vista City Lions Club, Vista City Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau,Bureau 13
Personality: A little too earnest a little too loud.  Gene is constantly fighting the good fight and must be reminded at social occasions that he is not.
Ambitions and Goals: Preserve Truth, Justice, and the American way for the little guy, not just those with money.
Physical/mental Problems: Gene is physically healthy. This might not continue if he doesn't get his stress level down. Mentally it has a hard time leaving the job at the office.
Enemies (And Why): Most governmental agencies if not actively hating him do wish he would dry up and blow away.
Weaknesses/Disadvantages: He is a lawyer and on a mission from God.
History and Experiences Which have Affected Character Greatly: Gene is a model of the earnest young man that has his teeth into a cause and will not let go. What personal demons or event put him on this course is not known, but Gene is determined to live "Justice for All". Gene takes enough pro bono cases to keep him from ever getting truly rich.

Gene's highest profile case was representing the Vista City Catman and his family. Steven Ashby in a stoke of genius hired Sylow to represent Diter and family, figuring it was better to have the earnest, loud pit bull for you than against you. It worked. Gene turned around and became the Cat People's shield against the world. Gene proved that when it benefited the client, he could and did keep quiet. The SIS and Bureau 13 have called on Gene several times since to handle legal matters that require prudence. Gene has defended clients before the 13th District Federal Court as well. As long as civil rights are observed Gene has no problem keeping proceedings quiet.

With the political fallout of the Samantha Deering Sex scandal a number of people have suggest running Gene for political office. Gene is running all right, the other way.