Boeing 808-s

Boeing's First Areospaceliner

The Boeing 808 is the world's first areopspace passenger liner using the new impulse drive systems.

Length: 182" 5"
Beam: 300' 4"
Max Take off weight: 1,620,000 pounds
Gross Weight empty:600,000 pounds
Passengers: up to 800 in various configurations.
Cursing speed (At 100,000ft): 2.5 Mach.
Service Ceiling: Low Orbit.
Range: Gobal

The Boeing 808 introduces a new age in air travel. With speeds in excess of Mach 2, a one million pound payload, and a range that can encompass the entire globe without a stop and reach low orbit, the sky is no longer the limit for this new generation of passenger/cargo craft.

Combining existing research on the blended wing body and the new fusion impulse drives technology Boeing created a craft that can literally go were no craft has gone before. The primary thrust fuel is the air taken in to the impulse drives. Fuel is only loaded when the ship is expected to make an orbital stop before returning to Earth.

The 808 possesses a fuselage of a volume not possible with the old tube and wing technology. Up to one million pounds of useful payload can be carried. Any combination with up to 800 passengers.

It was thought that the first of the ballistic passenger ships would be like Concord, small and expensive. That has proved not the case with the Warp Drive Project. With impulse technology the areospaceliner is a reality, a reality that anyone can afford.

The Future

Boeing is exploring the possibility of large transports directly to the Moon or Mars. Point to point flights without a change in craft.