The Ansisi are Human telepaths that joined the All some 18,000 years ago on the plains of Africa They are named for the woman Ansisi that discovered the sentient nature of the Ane, and convinced her fellow tribesmen to deal with these creatures, not fight with them. The woman Ansisi was the first member of any species not Ane to become part of the All. There exist some 5,000 Ansisi.

Masikanietu the Ansisi village is located in the Western part of the Kenya. Masikanietu is no standout among savanna towns. They have a little more technology in terms of solar panels and a pump for the well, a well tended (and attended) school. They dress Masi fashion, but do not keep cattle other than goats. They are mainly farmers. Since the Ane came out they have gotten a fusion power plant. The difference is that the Ansisi are Human telepaths, and the Greyson gazelles that hang around (and in) the village are Ane. Ansisi have been hiding in plain sight for millennia. With The Trial for Peoplehood the Ane and the Ansisi alike are out.

The Kenyan army keeps a subtle watch on the place, mainly to keep it from being over run. The fanboy tsunami so feared did not materialize as getting to Kenya requires money, a substance fanboys are notoriously short of.

Bureau File

Unlike the wild talent we usually encounter the Ansisi have a stable culture and ethical set associated with their telepathy. Unlike the suspected Specters they are not bent on world domination, or any other kind of domination. That said, any Ansisi in the United States should be watched if at all possible, Dr. Jerold Saille has the constant company of Ane since The Trial for Peoplehood and is believed to be one. Note he as worked with us in the past (VC Catz, VC Superstition Mountains). He is also the face behind Bicorn Services, There are Ansisi in the country working at the Ane Embassy in Washington DC, several at the Warp Drive Project in Long Beach. And a number as students at UCLA and the University of Michigan. Ansisi have served in the Corps of Discovery since its inception.