1: Explaining your position to you in language that is exactly correct, but makes you look like a heel if you still try to get your way. Used when someone is beating around the bush about what they really want, or tossing out red herrings to disguise their true intentions.

2: A bull in the china shop tactless, even clueless, approach to negotiation.

Ane are honest because you cannot lie telepathically. It is not reflection of any purity of heart. They can be vain and self serving. The only difference is they are going to be up front about that.

Stained glass saints are as rare as any other species. Recall dealing with the Ferengi. They openly discuss bribes and skimming the profit, don't even necessarily disapprove of same, but they are disgustingly open about it. If Dilbert was a political strip, that would be an Ane practicing practical politics. This why the term Ane Diplomacy. They are not even trying to stick a hoof in your plans but will tell everyone and their dog about it in the bluntest of terms. They save the real snark for when they dislike you. **Oh, I see. An under the table bribe and special considerations are required to move forward. What did you have in mind?** In front of EVERYONE!