Bureau 13 code for the Middle Eastern organizations dedicated to the same tasks as Bureau 13. The actual name varies depending on the country. 13th Crescent missions are heavily controlled by religion and politics in the region. Revealing or hiding a given event depends strongly on how Islam or Judaism will be affected. We will not even start on the politics of who Ghodd gave what when. In the politics of the region fact and truth are the first casualties.

So far all such nations steadfastly refuse to admit to any such group or to work with Bureau 13.

Known "13th Crescent" Agencies

Chota Ahusa

(Special Police) Egyptian agency. It is noted that the Sinai bowl location of The Coran/Menhabaall fight and the origin of the Healing Wave is under investigation and control of this agency. The current head of the agency is Mohammad Ahasin, who is also a prominent Muftī. As far as Bureau 13 is aware Mohammad Ahasin has retained his post through the reorganization of the Egyptian government.

Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice

United Arabia This group is historical, destroyed in the female coup. What measures Queen Fatima will take is not known. Outreach is suggested.

Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı

Turkey: MİT (National Intelligence Organization) Rapidly becoming the Secret Police of a Republic in name only. We have seen them hide items of interest that would be an embarrassment to those in power, such as the Breakout of Armenian dead.

They do not cooperate with Bureau 13 in any regard.

The Mosad

Israeli secret intelligence and operations. We know they have dealt with supernatural matters even if they will not admit it. If anything more ruthless than the competition. The ends justify the means is their operational doctrine.