Hat optional, stick up the ass mandatory

Puritanism: That vaguely uncomfortable feeling that somebody, somewhere...might be having fun.

Also a religious movement within the Church of England overly concerned with what other people were doing. Also very against that fun thing, They do not approve, and God doesn't either. Of course he does not. The will of God is always and ever in line with their thinking..

The Term puritan in the modern sense has moved away from the religious-political meaning above and into the popular culture as someone who is prudish, and overly concerned with your pelvic matters. Mind you pelvic matters are not their only concern. They will also keep you from drinking, gambling, looking at violent movies or anything else they feel that God should not approve of. They are out to save your soul with the proper moral views (theirs), preferably imbedded into law to keep you from doing something they told God not to approve of even if they are not looking. Even if you don't feel you particularly need saving from anything at all.

The puritanical prudish attitude is sometimes refereed to as "Mrs. Grundy". That dried up old maid in sensible shoes that disapproves of anything remotely sexual in nature, even the word "sexual". She is the mascot and embodiment of Mothers Against Everything.

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