• Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: None yet
  • Number of Members: roughly 200,000
  • Nature of Members: Humans of an anti religious bent.
  • Organization: Club
  • Game Role: The new voice of atheist agitation
  • World Role: The Atheists' last gasp
  • Relative Influence: Moderate
  • Public or Secret?: Public
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Remove religion from any presence in public life to achieve a totally secular society without the intolerance and superstition of failed religion.
  • Relative Wealth: Moderate for their size
  • Group advantages: The Establishment Clause.
  • Special Abilities: None
  • Group disadvantages: Outside of being demonstrably wrong?
  • Those who favor them: People that fear religion, or religion taking over. Those that distrust magic in general.
  • Those opposed to them: Religious people that wish to practice in peace. The Enlightenment Movement
  • Area of Operation: United States
  • Headquarters Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Public Face: There is no god to be on your side. Stop saying that.
  • Notable Members: Madelyn Murray O'Hare -- 1919-1995 -- The Grandmother of Atheist agitation. Founder of the American Atheists, the parent organization of Citizens for a Secular Society. Some still claim that her kidnapping and murder was a religious hit job.

    Cory Garnet -- Founder of Citizens for a Secular Society and agitator in chief. He is of the opinion that the American Atheists do not go far enough in countering religion,

  • History of the Organization: The group is recently formed of people that have missed the boat on the ideal of being a skeptic. Instead of rigorous examination of claims they are rejecting any claims that do not fit their atheistic viewpoint. It is not enough that they do not believe. They contend, like religionists the world over, that you cannot believe either. Don't show them the facts they know the TRUTH!

    They openly reject any claims of clerical magic being from any kind of god and will argue til blue in the face that the god part is pure delusion.

    Their common call is "Freedom from Religion" and they wave the establishment clause like a flag. In their opinion that means they never have to even look at religion. This puts them in the same class as HUFF and Mothers Against Everything as as group of constantly offended people. Of course they ignore the clause that comes right after it guaranteeing free practice of religion.

    The group constantly agitates, in public protests or in court for the removal of religious symbols or practices from public life. They commonly demand that religious people "Prove God exists". Sooner or later that will bite their ass.

  • Bureau File: Keep an eye on this one. So far they have been loud and litigious, but not violent. As magic becomes more evident and more a part of public life that could change. Reason is not one of their tools. Logic is, and they will call it reason, but there isn't any reason. They are operating from a broken set of assumption and that will be trouble.

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